OBO Tyres developed special tyre for beet harvesting combinations

18 - 05 - 2018
OBO Tyres has developed, in cooperation with contractor van Kempen, located in Vierlingsbeek (NL), a very special tyre for beet harvesting combinations. This development is the ultimate solution for the large yield loss due to the overturning beets.

To reduce the amount of adhering soil when digging, new beet varieties grow more above the than in the ground. This is problematic for the beets sown in the row next to the trailed tractor track because they will fall easily and will be missed when harvesting. Until now, 2 narrow tyres were mounted next to each other which resulted in deep tracks where the harvesting combination had driven. In case of a 12-row harvesting combination, this means  every 4 meters a two double tractor track where beets will simply fall and cause a huge damage.

The solution developed by OBO Tyres in cooperation with contractor van Kempen is both well-thought out as effective. On the casing of a 900/50R42 tyre, two rubber strips were build up in several layers and profiled to an extraordinary wide and even bearing tread with a gap of 15 cm in the middle. The result; the ideal equipment for critical beet harvesting with a maximum contact area, without deep tracks, perfect traction and minimal soil compaction has been achieved. Exactly the solution the beet grower was looking for to maximize his crop yields.

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