Rubber Track Retread

NEW at OBO Tyres! - RE-TRAC – Renewal of rubber tracks 
Rubber tracks on large agricultural machines are an ideal solution. They absorb high loads, transfer large forces and this with good wear resistance. The disadvantage is the high purchase price. OBO has the solution for your rubber tracks to keep the cost per hour as low as possible! At the moment, we offer you the tread renewal of your tracks with high-quality rubber studs and thereby guarantee you a sustainable, profitable 2nd life of your valuable Trac tracks. OBO RE-TRAC offers every user a quality renewal on their own TRAC tracks. 
Repair and equalising 
Damaged or unevenly worn studs reduce the performance of your rubber track. 
Unevenly worn tracks reduce traction and cause vibrations. OBO Tyres is the specialist for the restoration of unevenly worn treads and thus restore maximum comfort. 
OBO Tyres offers renewal, repair and equalisation in the following sizes: 
Type Width Tyre circumference Profile depth
CP-600 635mm 6634mm 68mm
CP-800 780-900mm >6000mm 68mm
CP-900 780-900mm >6000mm 68mm
CP-800XL 780-900mm >7500mm 68mm
CP-900XL 780-900mm >7500mm 68mm
Retreading and rubber coating of running wheels 
Running wheels are valuable components of the rubber track part system. Broken or worn running wheels can 
damage the rubber tracks. OBO can repair this professionally or cover the running wheel with a new rubber layer and, if necessary, also supply it with profiling. Only the best quality guarantees a long life. On request, running wheels can be fitted with a 2 - component lacquer in the steel area - a wheel as good as new is obtained. 
The advantages: 
• Cost-effective and sustainable reuse of running wheel and tracks 
• Low cost per hour through the reuse of track and wheel 
• Long life guaranteed by using high-quality materials! 

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