Extensive range of products

Whether it concerns a standard tyre model or tyres with specific features, OBO Tyres has an extensive range of products. The factory produces tyres in hotcure as in pre-cure and smooth & groove retreading. In addition, OBO Tyres repairs damaged tyres that are still in service.
Worn tyres are usually processed as waste. But under the wornout tread you can still find a good casing. OBO Tyres selects usable casings and transforms them into quality tyres that can be used for more years to come.
To guarantee constant quality, the tyres undergo a very strict inspection. Based on various criteria, experienced inspectors determine whether the tyre can have a second life.


Most tyres are produced in hotcure. After buffing, cleaning and repairing, OBO Tyres fully automated applies a new rubber compound on the tyre. With this new layer, the tyre is places in a mould where the desired tread is slowly shaped under pressure and heat.


During the pre-cure process, the tyre is buffed, repaired and provided with pre-shaped new tread. OBO Tyres subsequently cures the tyre under vacuum in an autoclave. The selection of pre-moulded treads is quite large. The result is a beautiful quality product.

Smooth & Groove

In the Smooth & Groove process, a rubber layer is applied after the buffing and repaires of the casing. On this rubber layer, after it has been cured, the OBO Tyres specialists manually cut the desired tread. The top of tailored line!


Damaged tyres that are still in service can be repaired in many cases. Acquiring a new tyre is consequently postponed and that generally means large savings. OBO Tyres has the equipment and in-house knowledge for carrying out safe and professional repairs for tyres up to 3.5 meters in diameter.

Always a solution

No matter what the customer demands, OBO Tyres always finds a solution. Thanks to its flexible production methods, tyres can be made in many varieties. Since OBO Tyres manages the entire process in its own hands - including transport- customers can rely on fast service.
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